How can I reconcile my company card expenses to TripActions expenses?

The reconciliation tool can help save hours for accounting teams by reconciling the company credit card for all travel booked within your TripActions account. The reconciliation tool will analyze your credit card statement and compare it to the data within TripActions. While no reconciliation tool can ever be perfect based on the variance of credit card formatting, the tool can be leveraged to reconcile a large percentage of your TripActions expenses – significantly reducing your workload.

Follow the steps below to reconcile TripActions’ expenses to your credit card statement.

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab of the Admin Dashboard.


  2. Click the Reconcile tab.


  3. Upload a CSV file of your credit card report to TripActions.


    There is the ability to add Expense Codes to reconcile merchant codes (Airfare code/Lodging Code/Fees Code).

  4. Click Reconcile Statement.
  5. Download the output file. 

The file will append as many credit card expense rows, to a subset of columns from the TripActions Booking Report. The report will display in the order of MATCH CERTAINTY. Download the invoices for each credit card expense to view more detailed data about each expense.


All unmapped rows will be listed at the bottom of the excel file with no TripActions booking report columns appended. Unmapped rows are typically correlated to expenses purchased outside of TripActions. 

Here is an example of data you can view: 


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