How do I set up direct bill in my account?

Direct Bill is a feature supported by car rental companies in which credit card details are placed on file with the car rental company so that a physical credit card is not necessary at the time of rental pick-up and instead the credit card on file will be charged.

In order for the Direct Bill number to visible at the check-out page for travelers to select as a payment method, the Direct Bill number will need to be added to each traveler’s profile individually. If you have a direct bill number for one or multiple car rental agencies, we recommend sending an email to your entire team providing guidance on how to upload into their profile. You can copy and paste the steps below in an email or update each of your traveler’s profile one by one in the Team tab:

  1. Navigate to the Payment & Clubs tab your TripActions Profile.


  2. Search the car rental company's name (i.e. Enterprise) in the Loyalty Clubs box.


  3.  Enter the Direct Bill number in the loyalty number field and select the Direct Bill checkbox.



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