What should I input for the additional fields to be filled out at checkout?

The Trip Information Required at Checkout feature requires travelers to fill out information before booking a trip. This feature allows companies to easily keep track of information for every trip. 

Generally, text fields (free-form fields) are leveraged by managers and approvers to understand a description of the trip better after reviewing at the time of travel. List fields (drop-down fields) are leveraged for reporting down the line to aggregate travel expenses by the drop-down entries selected by your travelers (i.e. how much travel expenses went towards Project ID 1234 in Q1?). The list of responses can be found in the company's reporting, found in the company's Admin Dashboard under the Reports tab. There is designated columns for required fields when the report is downloaded in column BR - BW.

There are six fields which can be leveraged:

  1. Trip Name - This is always enabled and will default to the location of where the employee is traveling to. 
  2. Trip Purpose - The business reason for traveling. It is recommended to leave this as a free-form entry.
  3. Bill to Client - A way to label bookings that will be paid for by a client of the company, rather than the company itself for reporting purposes. This will disable rewards for the booking when checked by the traveler prior to searching or at checkout. 
  4. Projects - A field to enter the business project your employees are traveling for.
  5. Custom Field 1 - Custom field that can be configured.
  6. Custom Field 2 - Custom field that can be configured.


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