How do I get the rewards refunded for my terminated employees?

When the account is up to date with rewards payments to TripActions and an employee has been terminated, all unredeemed rewards earned by the disabled users will be credited back to the account the month after the employee has been disabled. For example, if the employee was disabled in TripActions in August, any unredeemed rewards will be credited back to the account in September. 

From an operations standpoint, there are two routes you can take when an employee with vested rewards gets terminated:

  1. Before disabling the terminated employee's account, allow them to log into their TripActions account to redeem the rewards available. Once they have done so, you can proceed with disabling their TripActions account. 
  2. Upon termination proceed to disable their TripActions account. They will lose access to their TripActions account and forgo any vested rewards. Any rewards vested and not redeemed will be credited back to your account the month after you have disabled the user.
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