When do I pay for the rewards earned by travelers?

When a traveler earns TripActions Rewards, the rewards are in a "Pending" state until the trip is completed. Once the traveler completes the trip, the rewards shift into an "Earned" state and thus redeemable. You will only be billed for rewards that are redeemable. 

At the end of each month, TripActions will invoice your company for all redeemable rewards earned by your travelers for that month. The invoice is sent for the previous month on the 3rd of the following month and then the payment is initiated on the 10th of the month. For example, a detailed invoice of the rewards for the month of July is sent on August 3rd, and then the charge is made to the payment method selected on August 10th. The detailed invoice will provide all the traveler’s name, booking confirmation number, and the amount.

You will be charged by the rewards payment method selected in your Company Settings Tab.

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