How does the BambooHR integration work?

There are two selections that are requested within the BambooHR Settings. 

  • Disable TripActions users that are not in BambooHR
    • If the checkbox is selected it will change any user's account status on TripActions to disabled if they are not active in your BambooHR.
  • Enable Sync Job
    • If the checkbox is selected it enables TripActions to pull the user list from the BambooHR at midnight (12:00 AM PST) on a daily basis and update the user list to mirror the synced fields in the BambooHR system.


  • The following fields will be mapped from BambooHR into TripActions User fields by default:
    • (BambooHR) First Name → (TripActions) First Name
    • (BambooHR) Last Name → (TripActions) Last Name
    • (BambooHR) Department → (TripActions) Department
    • (BambooHR) Division → (TripActions) Subsidiary
    • (BambooHR) Work Email → (TripActions) Email
    • (BambooHR) Work Phone → (TripActions) Phone Number
    • (BambooHR) Location → (TripActions) Region
    • (BambooHR) Job Title → (TripActions) Title
    • (BambooHR) Status → (TripActions) Status
    • (BambooHR) Supervisor → (TripActions) Manager

  • All other fields that are not mapped by BambooHR will not be set and will be left blank. The policy field for new users in TripActions will be listed as the default value: Default but can be updated later.

  • If you would like to update which BambooHR field passes into any of the following TripActions’ fields, email your Customer Success Manager or
    • (BambooHR) (xxx) → (TripActions) Department
    • (BambooHR) (xxx) → (TripActions) Subsidiary
    • (BambooHR) (xxx) → (TripActions) Region
    • (BambooHR) (xxx) → (TripActions) Cost Center
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