How does TripActions calculate savings?

The savings figure amount ($) is calculated by comparing the TripActions' aggregate Total Estimated Spend and Total Spend amounts. The TripActions' estimated spend is calculated by using an algorithm that incorporates real-time prices available at the time of the search for the dates of travel. Across the available inventory, TripActions will not factor in the prices of options that do not make sense for business travel (i.e. 1-star hotels or 2-stop flights when a non-stop is available) into the estimated spend figure.

Users that book rates cheaper than the estimated spend figure will drive savings for the company. 

For instance, if the selected hotel has a nightly base price of $225/night, and the estimated spend figure is $300.00, the savings amount would be the difference between the estimated spend figure ($300) and the nightly base price ($225) which would equal the savings amount ($75.00) per night. 

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