How do I Implement Travel Restrictions by Region?

Travel Managers/Company Admin have the ability to self-serve implementing travel restrictions by blacklisting continents, countries, and cities for travel. This feature has been added to the Policy tab titled Restrictions. 

The Restrictions tab will be useful for the following:

  • It provides increased control for Travel Managers during times of emergency (such as the Coronavirus. etc.). 
  • Travelers will see an error message if they run a search for a location that is blacklisted.
  • This feature will be live for flights, hotels, trains, and cars.



Travelers will see an error message when while searching for a location that has a travel restriction:



Q: Will travelers receive an error message when searching for travel to a blacklisted location? 

Yes, travelers will receive a message when your company has set restrictions on travel locations. 

Q: Is TripActions blacklisting locations? 

No, blacklisted locations are determined by your company. 

Q: If my company blacklists a location are all bookings prohibited?

Yes, all bookings going to or that connect through those locations will be prohibited.

Q: If the travel admin does not put a reason when blacklisting a country, continent, or city, what will the traveler see?

The traveler will see only the default opening sentence, "Your company does not allow this travel route.”

Q: If the company decides to blacklist certain continents/countries/cities, does this block travelers’ personal travel to those areas well?

Yes, it will block both personal and corporate travel. 

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