What are best practices for setting my car policy?

What is Dynamic Policy?

Dynamic Policy is a unique way to control your travel spend. For any car search, we look at all reasonable results and then our algorithm calculates a Median Price or the fair price for the search.

By adding a percentage on top of the Median Price, you can control when an Out of Policy warning is shown to your travelers. We recommend choosing 20%.


Best Practices for Setting Up Car Policy


  • Maximum price per car per day - We recommend either leaving this at zero and having the algorithm determine the fair market price. We don’t recommend setting this number below $100.
  • Lead Time for In-Policy Bookings - Cars are similar to hotels in that there are several last-minute deals available. We recommend leaving this at zero.
  • Approval flow - We recommend leaving this as Soft Out of Policy so traveler approvers are notified via email on out of policy bookings.
  • Default, Director, and Executive policies for Cars: Generally it is recommended to be lenient on car policy so we do not recommend toggling different settings for Default vs Director vs Executive unless your policy is stringent for one of these buckets.
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