Will I be refunded if I cancel an out of policy booking?

The refund infrastructure for bookings will vary based on the booking type (flight, hotel, car) and the inventory source cancellation policy. 


Airlines in the United States typically provide a 24-hour void-window for tickets to cancel bookings free of charge. However, any Trip fees are Non-refundable. Airline cancellation policies for flights booked in countries outside of the US will vary by country and airline. If there is ever any uncertainty about the flight cancellation policy, chat into Support prior to canceling an out of policy booking. 


The refund policy for canceling an out of policy booking for hotels will be subject to the inventory source’s cancellation policy. Hotels have three types of cancellation policies:

  • Free Cancellation: You can cancel out of policy bookings that have free cancellation.
  • Free Cancelation Until a Specific Date: You can cancel out of policy bookings at no cost as long as the date you cancel is within the free cancellation window.
  • Non-Refundable: You will never be refunded if you cancel a Non-refundable hotel booking. Travelers are displayed a prompt notifying them they are booking a Non-refundable out of policy booking that cannot be canceled for free which they must physically click to acknowledge at the time of booking. 


Rental cars are typically pay-at-counter and can be canceled free of charge.

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