How can I add, edit or remove users in bulk?

  1. Navigate the Users tab in the Admin Dashboard.


  2. Click Download Users.


  3. Open the downloaded file.

  4. To add new users, enter their user information as a new row onto the bottom of the excel file.

    1. Make sure you fill out the associated user fields (i.e. Department, Traveler Approver, Policy Level) so that the reporting and out of policy functionality works as expected. 

  5. To edit existing users, update the fields for specific users directly in the excel file. 

  6. Save the file as a .xlsx file. The file will be correctly formatted for uploading back into the Users tab as long as you downloaded it originally from the Users tab. 

  7. Select Upload Users in the Users tab and choose your newly saved user file.


  8. Prior to uploading read through the different options below:

    1.  If you would like to disable users (revoke access from TripActions) which are not listed in your file but have been previously added into TripActions, check Disable existing users that are not in the Excel.

    2. If you would like to email an invitation link to newly entered users in your excel file, check Email activation link to new users.

    3. If you would like to email an invitation link to users who have been uploaded but have not registered, check Email activation link to current pre-registered users.


  9. Select Upload.


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