What do each of the fields in the Users Tab mean?

Information on the User tab fields in the Admin Dashboard

Email - The email address that the traveler will use to log in to TripActions.

  • If you are using one of the connections (Expense, SSO, etc.) in TripActions, this email must match the traveler’s email in that tool.
  • A required field for upload feature in Users tab.

First Name - First name of the traveler.

  • A required field for upload feature in Users tab.

Last Name - Last Name of the traveler.

  • A required field for upload feature in Users tab.

Phone Number - Mobile phone number of the traveler.

  • The traveler will be required to fill this out during the registration process.

Secondary Email - The email address that will forward copy of all bookings for this user (only displayed in the user list download).

  • Helpful for an additional layer of transparency.
  • Convenience for the traveler if they have a personal email they would like to use.

Status - Registration status of the traveler (only displayed in user list download).

  • Enable (Unregistered) means the traveler has never logged in or gone through the registration process.
  • Enabled (Registered) means the traveler has logged in and set up a Profile.

Enabled - Displays whether user is enabled or not. (Only shown in downloaded file from Users Tab.)

  • TRUE means the user is enabled. Update to FALSE if you would like to disable.
  • FALSE means the user is disabled. Update to FALSE if you would like to enable.

Role - Users Role in TripActions (only in Users Tab).

  • Admin - A TripActions administrator at your company. These users will have the ability to change. policy, manage users and make changes to company settings.
  • Delegate - A user who books on behalf of one or many users.
  • Blank - A typical traveler in your company.

Access - Additional Access to specific Admin sections in TripActions.

  • Admins have the ability to give other users in the system additional access to Admin features, without giving them the full Admin capabilities.

  • The sections that can be given are:
    • Invite Guest Tool
    • Manage all guest invitations created by an invited
    • Dashboard
    • Active Travelers
    • Reports

Title - Job title of the traveler.

  • This helps our Support team understand who they are working with over the phone/in-chat.

Department - Department that the traveler belongs to at the company.

  • This helps provide stronger reporting and will give you the ability to track spend and savings by the department.

Manager - Manager of the employee.

  • This person will be able to receive a copy of all bookings for the travelers that they are assigned to and will be cc'd on all out of policy emails.

Travel Approver - Person responsible for reviewing out of policy bookings for the traveler.

  • This person will receive all out of policy emails for this employee that they can either cancel or allow the booking to remain.

Cost Center - Cost Center of the user.

  • This will help with reporting by cost center.

Billable Entity - Billable entity of associated to the employee.

  • Helps with reporting expenses by a billable entity.
  • Can only select from fields entered into Company Settings tab.

Region - Region that the employee resides in

  • This helps with stronger reporting if you have employees in several different regions

Subsidiary - Subsidiary of the user.

  • This will help with reporting by a subsidiary.

Travel Frequency - how frequently the traveler inputted they travel.

  • Helps for more accurate reporting.

Policy Level - The policy level that the user is assigned.

  • This will be used to assign the user to the appropriate policy level so the company can make sure the traveler is booking within the specific parameters defined by the Admin.
  • 3 policy levels: Default, Director, and Executive

Employee ID - Company defined Employee ID of the traveler.

  • This will assist with reporting.
  • Employee IDs must be unique for each user.

Agency Name - Point of Sale inventory for the user.

  • Corresponds to what region location of the traveler.
  • Reach out to CSM or launches@tripactions.com for more information.
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