How can I pull a report to see Out of Policy bookings?

Use TripActions reporting to better understand how often your team makes Out of Policy bookings. This will help you learn and improve how to set your policy and identify any “problem” travelers. 

  1. Access the Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select the Reports tab.


  3. Select the Bookings tab, enter your time period, and select Export to Excel or Export to CSV.


  4. Open the CSV, and find the column titled Out-of-Policy and set the filter to TRUE.


Use this information along with the column titled Out-of-Policy Violations to understand why your team is out of policy and use it to set your policy according to your company’s travel habits. 

Advanced: If you would like to understand aggregate trends for Out of Policy bookings across departments, regions, users, etc, then we recommend creating a pivot table.

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