How do I use the Traveler Report?

The Traveler Report provides the ability to pull a report based on dates and location. It can further drill down by booking type: flight or hotel. This feature is useful because it provides a full list of travelers in a given location for specific dates. This information is critical if there is an emergency, expected travel delays, and more. 

Additionally, this feature is perfect for individuals responsible for Duty of Care compliance. This can span across the travel department, HR, security, risk management, and senior managers.

Go to Active Travelers tab, select Traveler Report to Search by Location:

  • SelecLocation.
  • Enter the dates and the location(s) of travel.
  • Click Get list of travelers.


This list will include travel for anyone who is entering, staying or leaving your selected location during the given dates.

Search by Flights:

  • Select Flights.
  • Enter the dates, airline name, and flight number. Alternatively, you can enter the airport name. 
  • Click Get list of travelers.


This will show you a list of flights in and out of your selected airport or that match the date and flight number.

Search by Hotels

  • Select Hotels.
  • Enter the dates.
  • Search by hotel name or location.
  • Click Get list of travelers.


This will pull a list of all hotel bookings that match the criteria.

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