How can I send an invite to a potential candidate

How can I send an invite to a potential candidate?

Web: Chrome and Firefox

Keywords: Manage Invitations, Invite, Invitations, Guests 

Step 1: Locating the Invitations

Click on your profile picture to pull up the drop down menu. Click on “Invite Guest” in order to pull up the Invitation settings.

Step 2: Filling Out the Invitation

There are 4 steps to filling out the invitation, starting with submitting the guest's email, traveler name and so on. On the final step, you will submit to send the invitation to your potential candidate/member.


Ensure to specify the correct dates of travel parameters as the candidate will only be able to book within the parameters you have set. If they require to book outside of those parameters, you will need to create a new invitation; sent invitations cannot be edited or changed.

Ensure there is a credit card within your company settings available for guest invites. To do so, please proceed to the Admin Dashboard then company settings. Upon arriving at the company settings ensure the credit card you would like your guests to use is available for guest use. (See Image Below)



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