OneLogin (Single Sign On)

TripActions Needs:

  1. OneLogin tenant name: (e.g. if the URL you use to access OneLogin is
  2. OpenID Connect Client ID: Public Identifier for OAuth (will look something like a239d6a8-f1c1-4f49-8338-7efd0de18ff8).
  3. Indicate whether you would like logging in with your OneLogin SSO to be optional or mandatory. 

Recommendation: Making it mandatory will add an extra layer of security to your team that we encourage.  Optional will also work to help people login quicker than they would be having to enter their email and password every time. 

Email this information to your Customer Success Manager or to

How to Configure the Integration and Pull the Client ID:

  1. Login to OneLogin as an Admin and select “Custom Connectors".1.jpg

  2. Click on “New Connector”.

  3. Update the following information:
    1. Name: TripActions
    2. Icon: Add images
      1. Assets for images:
        1. TripActions Primary Logo
        2. TripActions Icon
    3. Sign On Method: OpenID Connect
    4. OpenID Connect
      1. Redirect URL:
    5. Login URL:[TeNaNt_NaMe]*/init 
      1. *[TeNaNt_NaMe] in the URL above is just placeholder for your actual tenant name, please make sure your [TeNaNt_NaMe] is correct in this URL.
  4. Click “More Actions” and add app to connector. Name that app "TripActions".
  5. Once the app is created, click “edit” and go into “SSO”. There you will copy and send the Client ID to your TripActions representative for final configuration.



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