How do I configure Onelogin SSO?

You will need to email your Customer Success Manager or the tenant name and Client ID. Please indicate whether or not you would like to mandate using SSO to log in to TripActions. See the steps below on how to pull this information from your Onelogin instance. 

    1. Log in to OneLogin as an Admin.

    2. Select Custom Connectors under Apps.


    3. Click New Connector.


    4. Update the following information under Basic Configuration:

      1. Name: TripActions

      2. Icon

        1. Rectangular icon: TripActions Primary Logo

        2. Square icon: TripActions Icon

      3. Sign On Method: OpenID Connect

      4. OpenID Connect 

        1. Redirect URI:

      5. Login URL:


        2. [TeNaNt_NaMe] in the URL above is just placeholder for your actual tenant name, please make sure your [TeNaNt_NaMe] is correct in this URL.


    5. Click More Actions.

    6. Add the app to the connector. 

    7. Name the app TripActions.

    8. Click edit and navigate into SSO

    9. Copy the Client ID.

    10. Email your Customer Success Manager or

      1. The tenant name (i.e.[TeNaNt_NaMe]/init)

      2. The Client ID

      3. Whether or not you would like to mandate using SSO to log in to TripActions


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