How are Trip Fees charged?

Where is the Trip fee charged?

  • The trip fee is charged to whatever card is used to make the booking. Therefore, whether it's a corporate card or a personal credit card to make the bookings, the trip fee will be charged on the chosen credit card accordingly. 

How do I ensure the Corporate Card is being used for Trip fees?

  • If you would like to make sure that all Trip fees are charged on a corporate credit card, the corporate credit card must have a setting to make it available for use by travelers. 
  • This is done in the Company Settings and making the card Available or Mandatory for each type of booking: Flights, Hotels or Trains (if applicable). The Not Available setting will not allow any traveler to use it for the specific type of booking.

Are Trip fees refundable?

  • Trip Fees are always Non-Refundable. Whether the booking is canceled or a flight ticket is voided, any Trip Fee remains applied.

  • The fee is the negotiated rate to handle the booking that includes access to our 24/7 Support Team who will help make these changes/cancelations or other needed actions. 



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