How can I send a guest invite to someone outside of my organization?

There are two main ways your team can book for someone outside of your organization.

  1. Use the "Create New" option in the booking search page to create a new profile in order to complete the booking yourself.
  2. Use the "Invite Guest" feature which allows guests to book on their own, according to the constraints you set up in the invite they receive from you.   

This article will cover option #2:  

Who is this feature perfect for?

  • Admins
  • Recruiters
  • Hiring managers

Why is this feature useful?

  • It's great for on-site interviews, guest speakers, and board meetings where you'd want guests to book travel through TripActions.
  • You don't have to obtain the travel's personal information such as legal name and birthdate.
  • It eliminates any back and forth about which flight and hotel rooms might work best for your guest.

How do I send out an invite? 

If you haven't already provided guest invite permissions, see this article first and make sure your team is set up correctly.  

  1. Log into your Admin Dashboard and click on the drop-down next to your name in the right-hand corner. Select “Invite Guest”. 


  2. Fill out all the guests' contact information. They will have an opportunity to fill in their legal information once they receive the invite. 

  3. Fill out the event information.
  4. Policy Level: Select what policy level you would like the guest to be categorized in. The drop-down options are default, director, executive, and custom. If you select custom you are able to put a budget for each booking. 
  5. Recommendations: You have the ability to provide flight, hotel, and car recommendations in case the guest is new to the area. 
  6. Additional Information: You can also add additional notes for your guests. For example: “Please try to stay within 5 miles of our office”.
  7. Payment Method: You can allow the guest to use the company card in TripActions or pay with their own personal card.
  8. Allowed Hotel Rates: You can limit your guest to book certain room types. With Pay Now rooms, the card that is making the booking within TripActions will be charged on the spot for the hotel. The guest will still have to present a credit card to cover incidentals upon check-in.  
  9. Review the invite and verify that the information is correct. Once you confirm, click “Send Emails to All Guests” on the bottom right-hand side.
  10. Your guest will receive the invitation to the email you provided above. They will only have one chance to make the booking(s). We do this to keep your company secure so that people outside your company to gain access to your company credit card and other internal company information.

As seen below, click on "Manage Invitations" in the drop-down to view the status and more information on all of the guest invites that have been sent out.


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