International SOS (ISOS) TravelTracker Integration

TripActions integrates with the TravelTracker tool provided by International SOS (ISOS).

What does it do? 

  • The integration provides TripActions bookings data, excluding personal trip bookings, to ISOS TravelTracker every 24 hours.

Why is it valuable?

  • Once this TravelTracker knows where your travelers are going, it can provide appropriate travel assistance.

How do you integrate these services? 

  1. Have an ISOS TravelTracker and TripActions account

  2. Send an email to the following people so they can help you set this integration up correctly:
    1. ISOS representative
    2. The ISOS integration team (
    3. Your TripActions Customer Success Manager (CSM)

  3. The TripActions/ISOS team will then coordinate and configure your account for the integration
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