How does Direct Bill for Car Rentals work?

The TripActions app can be set up with a company's Direct Bill account with car rental companies such as Avis, Budget, National, and Enterprise. Hence, enabling the usage of the feature in the TripActions app for their employees and other users to utilize when making car rental bookings.

Set Up 

As an Admin, you can turn Direct Bill option on or off on a user-by-user basis. Each user must be manually turned on or off.  These settings are controlled exclusively by Admin.

  1. Go to Team.


  2. Search by Traveler name.

  3. Click on Loyalty Clubs.


  4. Check or uncheck the box for Direct Bill.


Steps to add a Loyalty Club in Profile

With Direct Bill set up, a user can enter their car rental loyalty clubs within their own Profile and can select the Direct Bill option, if desired, and enabled by an Admin.

  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Click on Payment & Clubs tab.
  3. Enter the name of the Loyalty Club in the Loyalty Clubs search box.
  4. Once Loyalty Club name is selected, enter Loyalty Club number.
  5. Check Direct Bill box (if desired)
    1. There is an option to turn on/turn off the Direct Bill option by using the checkbox.
    2. If Direct Bill is turned off, the loyalty club number can be applied to a car booking.
    3. If the traveler uses the Direct Bill, they cannot apply their car loyalty memberships to the booking in TripActions.


Steps to make a car booking using Direct Bill

  1. Go to the Cars Search tab.
  2. Select Cars by Airports or Cars by Location.
  3. Enter the pickup and drop off details, Dates and type a name to Add Driver and select from the dropdown.
  4. Click Search


  5. Search results will display available car rates for all car rental agencies.

  6. If desired, a filter can be applied located on the left side which will only display results available with Direct Bill by selecting Direct Bill Available.


  7. Results will redisplay car rental rates available for Direct Bill.


  8. Select the desired option to proceed to the Book page.

  9. Direct Bill will be shown on the Book page.


  10. Click Book This Car to place the booking and receive an email confirmation.
    *Note: A personal credit card needs to be on file but it will not be charged for the booking.


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