What can I do with an existing flight for a terminated employee?

When an employee leaves the company before taking the flight they booked on TripActions, this should be considered a 'sunk cost'.  However, if the ticket was purchased less than 24 hours prior to termination you can void the ticket without any penalties from the airline.
Do note the following:
  • The ticket is always attached to the person's name and can't be transferred to anyone else at your organization.
  • The terminated employee can still take this flight for whatever reason unless you cancel it with our support team.

  • The terminated employee could pay the change fee (typically $200) and then use whatever remaining funds that might exist to apply to another ticket in their name.
Here's how to cancel the flight: 
  1. Go to the "Itineraries" section.
  2. Search for the traveler's name in upcoming trips and find their specific trip that should be canceled.
  3. Click on Support and copy the Booking ID.
  4. Contact support via chat, email, or phone and share the flight's booking ID and confirm that it should be canceled.
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