Handling Traveler Objections

You and your company have decided to make the change to manage travel with TripActions which is great!

You'll find that there are three reactions when you ask people to make any type of change: 

  • Those that make the change right away
  • Those that need a reminder to change their old habits 
  • And those who don't want to make the change

We’ll address the concerns of the third group by sharing some common flight and hotel objections along with how to handle them. 

Before we share that however, we find that the points below are a good starting point to keep in mind when handling objections as the admin of your account: 

  • TripActions is a marketplace that provides your team with vast choices.
  • Flight prices come directly from the airlines.
  • Hotel prices come from many sources including direct from hotels.

Ok, so now that we've shared that, here are some of the general complaints you might encounter as you start to successfully manage your travel program. 

Flight Objections: 

  • Price comparisons
  • Missing inventory in TripActions
  • Flight booking fees
  • Airline status and points
  • Missing TSA number

Hotel Objections: 

  • Hotel loyalty points
  • Date changes
  • Price comparisons
  • Payment options
  • Non-refundable rooms

Flight Objections: 

Here's what we hear and how to handle them: 

  • Price Comparisons: "I can book the flight cheaper elsewhere"

    • TripActions gets their pricing & inventory directly from the airlines.  While there may be examples of third-party resellers of flights from time to time TripActions will have parity with airline websites. 

    • The price differences from these third-party sites can show a higher price when attempting to make the booking as they often show pricing from an older set of cached information that refreshes to current pricing when you click book.   

    • Generally speaking, over the course of a year, you'll find that even if a few flights are slightly more expensive you'll still see consistently higher savings when managing your travel spend on one platform.  The transparency provided by all your company's travel spend will provide clarity on how and where to improve your flight spend at the company, departmental, and individual level.  This is where you'll be able to make decisions that help your company's travel spend in the most effective way.  

  • Missing inventory in TripActions: "I can't find the exact flight I know is on United.com" 

    • If you use the departure sliders or search for the flight number to narrow the results you should find your flight.  And as long as the flight isn't sold out, it's in TripActions.

    • Sometimes the exact flight isn't surfaced at first because the algorithm is showing similar times from different carries at better prices to help nudge your team into spending wisely.  

  • Flight booking fees: "I don’t have to pay booking fees when I pay directly with the airlines or third party sites"

    • The company is ok with this charge as a way to access TripActions' deals, support, reporting, and platform as a management decision. 
    • Your company can also prepay the booking fee for the year as an option if you find people are deterred by this nominal charge for flights.  
  • Airline status and points: "My airline points & status didn't come through"

    • As long as your loyalty number was filled out in your profile in TripActions your status will come through and you'll see premium seats at checkout. 
    • An important tip for your team is here is that their legal name should be matching across all of their loyalty points, TSA, and TripActions profiles.  Putting Bill instead of William can occasionally cause the provider to deny points or deny a TSA number coming onto their ticket.  

  • Missing TSA number: "TSA pre-check did not come through"

    • Your TripActions traveler information in your profile must match the government issued ID that you signed up with the US Dept. of Homeland Security. 

Hotel Objections: 

Here's what we often hear and how to handle them: 

  • Hotel loyalty points: "TripActions won't allow me to earn my hotel points"

    • TripActions is a marketplace where a single hotel may have rooms being sold by many different providers who do offer points if that choice is important to your traveler.
    • It's always clearly defined during the search if points come with the room or not before committing to booking anything.   

    • The room they are choosing is probably a non-refundable room and is likely one of our "special deals".  Those rooms will offer the largest amount of savings to your company and are typically discounted to the point where the hotel doesn't want to offer loyalty points.  The rewards incentives in TripActions is designed to help your travelers want to choose these type of rooms more often and save your company more in the process. 

  • Date changes: "I can't change the dates for my room" 

    • As long as they didn't book a non-changeable/non-refundable room they can either cancel and rebook or talk to our support team to get the dates they are looking for.  

    • Every room clearly shows if the room is a pay now or pay at the hotel room and will also show if any changes are allowed to the room.  

  • Price comparisons: "I can get better rates when I go directly to the hotel" 

    • TripActions gets hotel room pricing directly from the hotels and we layer in pricing from third-party rates including rates not available on the web.  Those rates will help your company save the most on your travel spend and are labeled "special deals" at the time of booking.  

    • "Set Codes": Sometimes you'll find that a traveler is using corporate codes from companies that they don't work for that are often from Fortune 500 companies to access those companies negotiated rates.  Since those rates aren't owned by your company, we're not legally able to upload them to our system.  There should be a room being sold at that same hotel property or one close by with a "special deal" that will offer a more than a competitive rate that your traveler can choose to help save your company money.   

  • Payment options: "I booked this on the company card and the hotel telling me I have to pay with my personal card"

    • This is because your traveler chose a 'free cancellation' room which means the company credit card can only hold the room.  This is due to the hotel's rules for that room and would apply even if booking with Marriott.com directly for example. 

    • If your traveler doesn't want to be reimbursed you can contact the hotel and ask for their preferred method of a credit card authorization form to prepay the room for your traveler.  

    • Incidentals will always have to be paid with a card in your wallet regardless if it was a 'pay now' vs a 'free cancellation' room.  

  • Non-refundable rooms: "I can't get a refund or change the dates for my hotel booking"
    • If a room was non-refundable at the time of booking there is often very little chance of being able to change the dates or to receive a refund if canceling the room.  

    • Even though this is the case buying these rooms often over the course of the year still means your company will still save overall as these rooms are typically 20-60% cheaper than normal rates.  So cancellation them and losing the booking still will be in your favor when looked at from the program level.   

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