How can I use the reconciliation tool?

With our Reconcile Report Tool, your accounting team can save hours of time reconciling the company credit card for all travel booked within your TripActions account. All you need is a CSV file of your credit card history and access to the Report feature within your TripActions account. The reconcile tool will analyze your credit card statement and compare it to the data that we have within TripActions. The end result, a report that helps consolidate statement data to assist in your monthly/quarterly-end audit processes.

How it works:

● On the Home page, click on you down arrow next to your name and click on “Admin Dashboard”

● Click on the “Reports” tab and click on “Reconcile”

●  Upload a CSV file of your credit card report to TripActions.

●  (Optional) Add expense codes (Airfare code/Lodging Code/Fees Code)

●  Once uploaded, TripActions will take a few seconds to apply logic to the statement. The reconciled output can then be downloaded as a CSV.

Example – Credit Card CSV (from your bank):


Example – TripActions Reconciled Export

The report will display in order of “Match Certainty.” The second highlighted section below, displays transactions that were not able to be matched and requires additional research.


How we match your data:

The TripActions platform will take the data from your credit card CSV file and match the data within our database through various levels of nested logic. A few of many examples of the types of logic we include:

●  Date of charge between the transaction date and/or posted date

●  Amount charged with +- % certainty

●  Name of vendor (Lufthansa, United, etc.) cross-referenced to TripActions bookings data

●  Source of inventory (Direct, consumer, etc.)

●  L2/L3 card data such as e-ticket number, passenger name, etc. which will be cross-referenced to TripActions booking data 

Here's what you'll see in the Admin dashboard after you've uploaded your file: 

Reading the results: 

  • The left side of the top lines is the information from the credit card and the right side from what was booked in TripActions.  
  • Your results will show you flights and hotels booked outside of the system at the bottom as un-reconciled line items.   

Here is example data you can view: 

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