How do I enable the Coupa expense integration?

The Coupa expense integration with TripActions can be enabled by one click in TripActions but will require some additional steps to be taken in your Coupa account to function correctly. Follow the steps below to integrate.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.


  2. Click Enable next to Coupa under the Expense Connections section.



  3. Once the Coupa integration is enabled in the Integrations section, a Disable button will be displayed in place of the previously displayed Enable button.


  4. The TripActions connection with Coupa requires a mapping of your company's employee's email addresses that will be used to log in to TripActions and the company's employee's Coupa email addresses. Follow the directions below to pull the email accounts from Coupa:
    • Ensure itinerary parser is enabled in your company Coupa account. The itinerary parser in Coupa ensures that when an invoice is sent to Coupa from TripActions, the invoice is parsed based on the particular user's email address that expensed it and a unique Coupa email address is created for this user by Coupa so that all future expensing sent to Coupa is mapped to this same user. You can check this by following the steps below:
      1. Log in to the company's Coupa account.
      2. Navigate to Set-up page.
      3. Click into users.
      4. Click into itinerary parser
      5. If the itinerary parser is not found, contact your Coupa Account Manager in order to enable the itinerary parser since it is not an automatic function in Coupa.
    • Once the itinerary parser is enabled in Coupa,  export a list of their active users in order to provide this list to the TripActions CSM. Follow the list of steps below to export your list of active users.
      1. Navigate to Set-up page.
      2. Click into users.
      3. Click into expense prefix.
      4. Export CSV file list of active users (example file below).


  5. Send the CSV file to your Customer Success Manager or and let them know you would like to enable the Coupa integration.
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