How can I add a company credit card as a payment option?

You can make one or more credit cards available to your team to book and/or reserve their travel through TripActions. These users won’t be able to see the full information of the card, just the last 4 digits. You can restrict which department, region, cost center, and subsidiary can leverage each card.

Here’s how to set up a company card:

  1. Go to the "Company Settings" tab in your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select "+ Add new card".
  3. Decide which department, cost center, region, subsidiary should have access to this card. You can enter the same card twice if it’s needed for one than more department.
  4. Mark this card as either mandatory, available, or not available for flights and hotels (see our recommendations below).
  5. Click Save


How to remove or edit an existing credit card:

  1. Scroll all the way to the right of the saved credit card.
  2. Click Edit or Delete.


TripActions recommends the following for company card setup:

  • Flights: "Mandatory" and "Available" are great options for flights because your flight will be booked and charged on the spot. The traveler will not have to physically show the credit card at the airport.

    Pro Tip: Choosing "Mandatory" for flights will allow your accounting team to easily leverage the TripActions's reconciliation tool. The tradeoff is that it can block people from earning points if they have a credit card that earns them points when booking flights. Your travelers will still earn loyalty points for being on the flight - they just can’t ‘double dip’ if they pay with the company credit card.   
  • Hotels: We recommend that you set your card to “Available" or "Not Available" for hotels.  The reason is that more than 80% of the hotels available in our marketplace offer the “pay at hotel” vs. the “pay now" payment option. If your travelers are solely going to be using the corporate card for travel, they should book hotel options that have the "pay now" payment method so they do not have to have the card on hand when booking. "Pay at hotel" options will require your travels to present the form of payment they used to book in person or have your company fill out a Third Party Credit Card Authorization form to complete the booking.
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