How do I set up additional fields for my employees to fill out at checkout?

  1. Navigate to the Company Settings tab of the Admin Dashboard.


  2. Scroll to the middle of the page to the Trip Information Required at Checkout section.


  3. Click on the Edit button to configure any of the fields you would like to be required travelers to fill out at check out.

    • List - Pre-populated responses can be entered which can then be selected at the check-out page. Travelers can enter in a custom response by enabling the checkbox. If there's a long list of pre-populated responses that need to be entered, a list can be uploaded from a CSV file by clicking the Upload List button.


    • Text - Allow travelers to enter in a response in a free-form text box.


The list of responses can be found in the company's reporting, found in the company's Admin Dashboard under the Reports tab. There are designated columns for required fields when the report is downloaded in the rightmost columns.

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