How can I configure another user's account so that they can manage other people's travel?

Users that can book travel for other users at your organization on TripActions are called delegates. You can grant delegate permissions to the people on your team that actively book and manage travel for others at your organization the Users tab of your admin dashboard.

We suggest that you have your delegates join our live weekly webinar every Tuesday at 12:30pm PT.  It is designed to help delegates get the most out of managing others travel efficiently.

Registration link: EA/Delegate Training (25-minutes)

You can grant delegates the ability to book for everyone at your organization or for select users.

How to make someone a delegate:

1. Search for the delegate user in the User tab of the Admin Dashboard.

2. Select their name in the user list to view their user settings.

3. Select the Delegate tab and determine what accounts the user can manage: "Selected Users", "Everybody", or "Her/Himself".

This user will now have access to the Team tab and the Login as... feature in order to book and manage travel for others at your organization.

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