How are rewards billed each month?

At the end of each month, TripActions will invoice your company for all redeemable rewards earned by your travelers for that month. We send the invoice for the previous month by the 3rd of the following month and then initiate payment on the 10th of the month. For example, we will send the detailed invoice of the rewards from July on August 3rd, and then charge the payment method selected on August 10th. The rewards payment method can be found and changed in your Company Settings
All unredeemed rewards earned by disabled users will be credited back the month after you have disabled the users.
When a traveler earns rewards, the rewards are in a "pending state" until the trip is completed. Once the traveler completes the trip they booked they are in an "earned state". You will only be billed for rewards that are earned. 
Here are the definitions of pending vs. earned: 
  • Pending: Rewards that are earned at the time of booking.  The trip has to be completed in order to redeem the rewards available. Bookings that are canceled are not eligible for rewards.  
  • Earned: Once a trip has been completed, any rewards in the pending status will change to vested and can, therefore, be redeemed. 

To see what rewards have been billed to you in previous months, you can download a report from the rewards section of your Reports tab in the Admin Dashboard.  For more information on this please see:


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