What is the out of policy approval process for travelers and approvers?

The traveler can always book travel that is out of policy. However, the traveler will be required to provide a reason as to why the travel was booked out of policy to the set approver to review. 

The process for out of policy bookings is described below.

  1. The traveler selects an option that is out of policy based on their settings listed in the Policy tab of the Admin Dashboard.
  2. The traveler lands on the checkout page where the out-of-policy reason will be clearly displayed. The traveler will be prompted to fill out a minimum ten-character reason why they are still booking out of policy. The individual who will receive the notification (approver email or manager email) will display in the text box prior to entering a reason.


  3. Immediately following the completion of out of policy booking, the approver will receive an email with the traveler name, booking information, out-of-policy reason, and reason that the traveler provided. The approver has the ability to cancel the booking or take no action to allow the booking to proceed. Approvers do not need to formally approve an out of policy booking for it to go through.


  4. If the approver cancels the booking, the traveler will receive an email letting them know that the booking was canceled and ask if they would like to create a new booking or review the trip in their Trips tab.


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