OKTA SSO (Single Sign On)

Good news - you can use OKTA to log into your TripActions account! 

The information below will have the instructions for someone in your IT department to configure the connection.  We will need three items from them: 

  • The Client ID
  • The URL of your OKTA tenant 
  • Will this be mandatory or optional for your users?

Please email these three items to launches@tripactions.com


Here are the steps to set up:

*Important prerequisite:

  • You’ll need to contact your OKTA account rep and request to have their tenant enabled for OpenID Connect.


  1. Change two links in the email below to reflect company url (currently the company Hudl is there as an example)
    1. You can tell whether this is done when the following URL below. (https://hudl.okta.com/.well-known/openid-configuration) starts returning an OpenID Connect config document (similar to https://tripactions.oktapreview.com/.well-known/openid-configuration).

    2. Once this is done, follow the steps below and be sure to change acme from the example.  
    3. Go to https://acme.okta.com/home/admin-entry (the admin portal for Okta)

    4. Click on the green button "Create New App"
    5. Select Web platform and "OpenID Connect" sign on method, and click "Create"
    6. Name the app "TripActions" and upload this icon (ta.png) attached here:


    7. Enter https://app.tripactions.com/app/user/openid-connect/return as the redirect URI and click finish


2. Make sure tatrip://openidconnect is whitelisted as a redirect URI.  See the screenshot below.


On the app settings screen, configure the app as follows and save:



3.  Once the app has been configured, please send us the following three items:

  • The Client ID from the Client Credentials section shown above (we do not need the secret at this point).  
  • The URL of your OKTA tenant https://hudl.okta.com
  • And if you’d like the OKTA login to be mandatory for your users let us know so we can configure that on our end.  The default is to offer the OKTA and email/password options to log in.  


Once done, we'll configure your company on TripActions and we'll make sure you can log in from your OKTA account.


Let us know if you have any questions. 


The customer success team at TripActions





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