How do I configure Okta SSO?

You will need to email your Customer Success Manager or with the tenant name and Client ID. Please indicate whether or not you would like to mandate using SSO to log in to TripActions.

See the steps below on how to pull this information from your Okta instance. 

  1. Ensure your tenant is enabled for OpenID Connect. You can tell whether this is done when the following URL starts returning an OpenID config document. Be sure to update the company name with your tenant name:
  2. Navigate to the admin portal of Okta:
  3. Click on the green button Create New App.


  4. Select Web for Platform.
  5. Check OpenID Connect for Sign on method.

  6. Click Create.
  7. Set Application Name as TripActions.


  8. Upload the icon (ta.png) attached below.


  9. Enter as a redirect URI and click Finish.


  10. Ensure ‘tatrip://openidconnect’ is whitelisted as a Redirect URI:


  11. Click into the TripActions Application General Settings screen and update the following:
  12. Click Save.

  13. Email your Customer Success Manager or

    • The tenant name (i.e.

    • The Client ID from the Client Credentials section.


    • Whether or not you would like to require using SSO to log in to TripActions. 


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