How do I configure Microsoft Office SSO?

The Microsoft Office 365 SSO integration with TripActions can be configured directly within TripActions. In order to configure the integration with TripActions be ready to pull information from your Microsoft Office account. The steps below will guide you through how to pull the required information from Microsoft Office and upload it into TripActions step by step.

1. Navigate to the Integrations tab. 


2. Click Enable under the Self Serve SSO Integrations section.


3. A popup window will appear prompting you to enter your Office 365 tenant name. The tenant name is the 'tripactions' part of that was chosen when your company signed up for Office 365. Your tenant ID can be found in the Directory ID box on the Properties page in Office 365. Copy this text string. 

4. Enter the tenant name from your Microsoft Office 365 account. 


5. Toggle to whether you would like to mandate SSO to access TripActions.




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