Concur Expense Integration

Good news! TripActions can sync with your Concur expense account.  Once expenses are submitted in Concur they will automatically be synced with TripActions for each booking.


We'll need two items:

  • Your Concur Username
  • Your Password

Once we have this we will set up for your TripActions account quickly.  Please email these two items to



We use an admin account to access Concur to push the expenses to each of your TripActions users. When a user expenses in TripActions, we push the receipt directly to the employee Concur account (based off of email).  This requires the Concur admin that we set up to have a username with a working Concur password.


One option is to create a new user in Concur with the username such as tripactions@{company}.com.  The permission or "Role" that this admin user needs is "Expense Proxy Logon" as shown here in the below screenshot:



Important note:

User account emails in Concur need to match those in TripActions. If not, an export from Concur needs to be provided to TripActions to align the accounts.

Please email your Concur username and password to

For full Concur screenshots, see this guide from Concur - here.


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