Namely User List Integration


Good news! TripActions integrations with Namely.  


In order for TripActions to configure the Namely Integration, we will need your
company code and permanent access token.

Please email these two items to back to your Customer Success Manager so that we can
have your team in the system quickly.

Please note - If this permanent access token is generated by someone who has *full admin
access* it will send social security info, salary information, etc. which you should
not provide to us and is not needed in any way.

The solution is simply having the token generated by a user who only has access to your
basic info (name, department, manager, region, job title, email, etc.)

The sync occurs once a night.

Here's how to get this information: 


  1. Company code (if domain in the following example is, then the company code is “tripactions")
  2. Permanent Access Token
    1. This can be generated by logging into Namely, under API > Personal Access Tokens > Enter Name > Create.

    2. Then create the token:

    3. Then it will be stored here:























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