How do I set up the Namely integration?

 You will need to email your Customer Success Manager or the Company Code and Permanent Access Token from your Namely HRIS. See steps below on how to pull this information from your Namely HRIS. 

  1. Copy the Company Code from your Namely URL. The company code is the name used in the company's Namely URL. For instance, if TripActions used Namely as their HR tool and the Namely URL was,, the company code would be, "tripactions". 
  2. The Personal Access Token is used for accessing the Namely API. It is commonly used for third party integrations like the TripActions HRIS sync. After creation, they last two years and have the same access role as the person creating them. For this reason, the user who creates the personal access token should not be created with someone with full admin access so you do not send over unnecessary HR information such as SSN or salary information. In order to generate a token, follow the steps below:
    1. Log in to Namely.
    2. Click on your profile in the top right corner.
    3. Click API.
    4. Click Personal Access Tokens.
    5. Enter Name.
    6. Click create.

    7. Navigate to your Personal Access Tokens.
    8. Click Your Access Tokens.
    9. Copy your new personal access token.
  3. Determine which employee types you would like to enable to upload in the daily sync from the options below.
  4. Send the Company Code and Personal Access Token text strings and what employee type(s) you would like to pull into the daily sync to your Customer Success Manager or
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