How do I set up the BambooHR integration?

The BambooHR integration with TripActions can be configured directly within TripActions. In order to configure the BambooHR integration with TripActions be ready to pull API information from your BambooHR account. The steps below will guide you through how to pull the required information from BambooHR and upload it into TripActions step by step.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.

  2. Click Enable next to BambooHR under HR Integrations. 

  3. This will display a box where two fields need to be entered: Company Code and API Key. Pull up your BambooHR portal to retrieve this information.

  4. The Company Code from BambooHR is the name used in the company's BambooHR URL. For instance, if TripActions used BambooHR as their HR tool and their BambooHR URL was,, the company code would be, "tripactions". Copy this value and paste under the Company Code field in the Integrations tab in TripActions.
  5. The API Key is generated by BambooHR and serves as the unique one-time access token that will give TripActions access to the data stored in BambooHR. See steps below on how to pull this
    • Log in to BambooHR and select API Keys from the top-right drop-down menu.2.png
    • Click Add a New Key button on the right. BambooHR will generate a unique one-time access token which will display under the Valid API Keys section.3.png
    • Copy this key and paste under the API Key field in the Integrations tab in TripActions.
  6. The Disable TripActions users that are not in BambooHR checkbox if selected, will change any user's status on TripActions to disabled if they are not included in the company's BambooHR account. 
  7. The Enable Sync Job checkbox if selected enables TripActions to pull the user list from the BambooHR daily every morning at midnight (12:00 am PST) and update the user list to mirror the synced fields in the BambooHR system.
  8. Click Save to enable the sync. 


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