Bamboo User List Integration

Good news! Bamboo integrates with TripActions seamlessly.

Here's how to setup the BambooHR/TripActions sync. We will need two items from your Bamboo admin:
* An API key
* The company "code" (the 'xyz' part in the URL you use to access BambooHR"

Please provide these two pieces of information when prompted during your onboarding or email them to if you've already completed your onboarding. 

To create an API key:


  1.  Log in to BambooHR and select "API Keys":


  2. Create an API Key:



If you email these two values to us, we'll configure the integration on our end here at TripActions and then the sync will become live within a day.  If you provide them during the onboarding, we'll attempt the sync immediately.


Good to know: The sync happens once a day at night. 


We're of course happy to help if any of this doesn't make sense or something isn't quite working correctly.


Please send these two pieces of info to



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